Architectural review and approval

Most changes require approval

Changes, improvements, additions and alterations that require approval of the ARC can be found in Sections 8, 10, 11, 12, and 21 of Article VI of the Covenants.

Architectural Review Committee

An ARC, or architectural review committee reviews all requests submitted to the Board of Directors, and recommends approval or disapproval.

How do I make a request?

Submit the form below along with plans and drawings, paint samples, and other documentation by mail to the management company, for forwarding to the ARC.

How long will it take?

In order for your request to be considered at the next monthly meeting of the Board of Directors, it must be received and forwarded to the ARC with sufficient time time to consider the request.  Do not start work without approval.

Why can't I email my request?

Frequently it is impossible to judge colors from emailed samples, and drawings become illegible when reduced in size.

Homeowners are encouraged to call the Management Company to discuss their concerns.

Other agencies

The property owner is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for the work.  Copies of the permits should be mailed to the management company so that they can be included in your file.


Please mail this form and documentation to the Management Company, attention Janeen Raulerson.  Do not start any work until you hear that the Board has considered your request.